Sakshara Trust

for literacy and other skills

Acquiring Income-Generating Skills

One of Sakshara’s objectives is to help people acquire skills that help them generate income and sustain their livelihood. In 2019-2020, Sakshara started to teach crochet and knitting to women. Crochet and knitting skills are good aids to help people acquire numerical skills which will help them in their daily life. It is rewarding to watch learners become proficient crocheters while also easily grasping basic mathematical concepts.  

As an extension of this programme, and to ensure proper utilisation of the finished products, a project ‘Keep our babies warm’ was started to provide woollens for premature babies born in a hospital run by the Jan Chetana Manch in Jharkhand. 

Nool Koota, a group of ladies that came together to use their knitting and crocheting skills, volunteers to produce sweaters, caps, bootees and sheets for the newborn babies.