Sakshara Trust provides critical skills to enhance a person’s quality of life, so that they contribute effectively to society.

Ladies learning the basics of tailoring

Our Initiatives

Reading For Literacy

Sakshara’s Literacy programme is designed to help a person to read and write in the languages that they can speak. The technique followed to teach adults is picture to picture, then picture to word, and then word to word recognition through flash cards. This helps them familiarise themselves with a minimum of 100 words, thereby recognising the letters of the alphabet. [Read more..]

Acquiring Income-Generating Skills

One of Sakshara’s objectives is to help people acquire skills that help them generate income and sustain their livelihood. Sakshara volunteers provide crochet, knitting and other handiwork skills to women. Crochet is a good aid to help people acquire numerical skills which will help them in their daily life. It is rewarding to watch learners become proficient crocheters while also easily grasping basic mathematical concepts.  [Read more..]